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Jazzrack's Blabber #13

jazzrack Sunday June 8, 2014

not a good anxiety day

Edit: I screwed up the sound…again. making another one

dealing with an anxiety attack, so I forced one out…while I can


Jazzrack's Blabber #12

jazzrack Tuesday June 3, 2014

Oh time where have you gone

Chat about the last couple days, and my bad hair + a message for my dad


Jazzrack's Blabber #11

jazzrack Saturday May 31, 2014

dealing with post concussion syndrome and university

discuss how I am going to try and start dealing with school and my post-concussion syndrome, among other things


Jazzrack's Blabber #10

jazzrack Thursday May 29, 2014

Soldiering on

Not having the greatest of days, but the path is the correct one so keeping on keeping on is the plan


Jazzrack's Blabber #9

jazzrack Tuesday May 27, 2014

Bad anxiety days

recent days have been difficult. and I think the post-concussion syndrome is playing a bigger role that I like to admit



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