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Jazzrack's Blabber #8

jazzrack Saturday May 24, 2014

What is style anyway


chat a bit about my lack of style. open to ideas for a hairstyle. as long as it covers my neck.



Jazzrack's Blabber #7

jazzrack Friday May 23, 2014

Back to the learning grind


feeling better after yesterday’s mental health day, start my WGU orientation program today. and I should have gone over to my mother for a shower yesterday, because I think she is going to have a bunch of grandchildren visit this evening.



Jazzrack's Blabber #6

jazzrack Thursday May 22, 2014

Mental Health Day?


I have been doing a lot of webinars preparing myself for upcoming classes, plus the dr visit, the bathroom remodel, so I am feeling the need for a mental health day. It’s not what you think, it is not a day off, just a different way of going about my day. I have learned that I must be careful to not allow needing a mental health day to slip into needing a mental health week and lose my momentum


Jazzrack's Blabber #5

jazzrack Wednesday May 21, 2014

Anxious about a Dr visit today


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jazzrack Wednesday May 21, 2014

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