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Life through a haze of anxiety

Another day moving forward

jazzrack Tuesday May 20, 2014

and day 2 with no shower. yuck



Today i am tired but positive

jazzrack Tuesday May 20, 2014
Another day dealing with anxiety, but also very positive about the future. but i am tired, very tired. and a bit smelly 

Jazzrack’s Blabber #1

jazzrack Saturday May 17, 2014

How Chase Jarvis, Beate Chalette & Creative Live helped me to start changing my life



jazzrack Friday January 24, 2014

This is a sample profile. The goal is to allow anyone who wishes to view a fully functional Tiki site or needs a Personal Blog and Website and would like to start with a solid foundation.

Remember that once you install this profile, you are NOT LOCKED IN to any feature, menu or content. Everything can always be changed, deleted or added to.

The Personal Blog Profile contains many cool features to help you integrate the Social Web and establish a strong presence in the Blogosphere

This profile gives you all the Standard Blog Features you would expect.

Blog Features

  • Blog
  • Comments
  • Tags
  • Recent Posts
  • Blogroll

Other Features

  • Image Gallery
  • Calendar
  • Twitter Integration
  • Video Log
  • Many More...

Introducing Tiki Profiles

jazzrack Friday January 24, 2014

Configuration Made Easy: Tiki has a lot of features and covers a wide range of use cases. Because of this, it is unlikely to work "out of the box" for anyone. Profiles solve this problem by storing and sharing different configurations, feature sets, permissions schemes and pre-made examples of some of the more complicated features


  • Managed in wiki pages (collaborative, version history, etc.)
  • Can be used not only at the initial install, but also on an existing installation.
  • Install one or many, even if they overlap (the last one installed wins if there are any conflicts)
  • Profiles can include other profiles (several small profiles making a large one)
  • Not just for settings, but also for data
  • Since there is no extra code, can be designed for very specific, long tail uses. We can have hundreds of profiles for an out-of-the-box experience, with a single code-base!
  • Permits power users & admins to share their experience
  • Can even be used to support Using Profiles for bug reports

Tiki Profiles

Marc Laporte showcases Tiki Profiles
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